Get That Millennial An Avocado

Avocado’s are the symptom of the millennial problem. When the Australian real estate mogul Tim Gurner said “if you want a house, stop buying avocado toast”, he wasn’t talking about avocado’s. Instead he was talking about the lifestyle that goes alongside it. If you fail to see that you are probably part of the problem, not the solution.

That lifestyle includes not only avocado toast, but your Netflix account, Spotify subscription, that £36/mo phone bill, that spiralizer you just bought or new t-shirt. All these small immediate purchases add up. We must be free to make these choices. People ought to be aware of the consequences of that choice. Going for brunch after a heavy Friday night in Spoons, doesn’t just cost £10.

Millennials would rather spend that money now, on things they like. Rather than save it for a house as previous generations did. There is nothing wrong with that choice; the problem is they want both. Previous generations weren’t necessarily able to afford what millennials can, so didn’t have the temptation. Millennials must accept the responsibility is theirs, not societies for offering them nicer cheaper things to spend their money on.

Millennials are better off, but are we too entitled to see it?