Getting High Has A High Cost

Legalising marijuana is a divisive topic.

People argue it has been shown to be less harmful than alcohol. As if saying jumping off a 10 foot bridge is safer than a 100ft bridge, makes it a good choice to jump off a bridge. Don’t get me wrong we like a drink as much as any woman or man, probably more so. However if alcohol was discovered today, would it be legal? Should we somehow allow that to affect how we legalise other substances?

Marijuana has been shown to have benefits in a medical setting. So does Codeine, doesn’t mean anyone and everyone should be able to go and buy it off the shelf.

No matter what we do people are still going to smoke marijuana. Therefore it is better to be safe and legalise it so they know they aren’t smoking something dodgy.

This is probably the most valid point, however with marijuana you rarely hear of cases of “bad leaves”. It more often pills like LSD or ecstasy that are cut that cause damage and are dangerous. If something is illegal those who are taking it know there is a risk. Is it our responsibility to make sure people do dangerous things safely or is it the individuals responsibility?

A favourite argument of proponents for legalisation is that taxing marijuana would produce huge amounts of income. This would more than cover the costs to the NHS and policing. Is it Ok to encourage people to cause problems for the NHS and police because we can afford to pay for it? Is it morally acceptable to legalise marijuana because we are going to make money from it?

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.