Blue Passports The Real Cost?

With the recent announcement that the United Kingdom will return to the days of blue passports there was a wave of opinion. The youth who have never seen or had any colour other than the burgundy, and those that remember the classic blue booklets.

The press went into overdrive, covering the story as if the colour of our passports was something everyone thought about on a daily basis. When the Independent falsely claimed it was going to cost the tax payer £500 million; James Caan (from Dragons Den)  shared the article receiving tens of thousands of retweets in a since deleted tweet.

The Independent knew what it was doing, in fact its current headline whilst technically correct is designed as click bait. How many of the people who shared James Caan’s tweet actually read the article? His retraction of the tweet has been shared less than 600 times in comparison. This is where social media becomes dangerous. The lie spread quickly, yet the truth is failing to spread. This is an all but too common issue on Twitter. It is well with in Twitters ability to create an official retraction function, it happens often enough.

Once we were over the lie that it was going to cost the taxpayer anything, we then discovered most passports are produced in Germany. If this annoys enough people, I suggest those people setup a business to produce them in the UK. Go all millennial on its arse and use crowdfunding to kick start the business.

Finally we hit the most obvious road block to this “joyous” announcement, we could have already had them in the EU. Yes there is a recommendation, but that is all it is, a recommendation. But these people fail to have empathy with those who want blue passports, for those that want blue passports this isn’t an argument about it being blue or red. It is an emotive argument about the expression of having blue passports and what it symbolises outside of it just being a colour.

As it costs the taxpayer nothing, but might make a proportion of the country happier. The real question should be, what would it cost us not to go blue?