Calm and Poise in Politics

One of the main reasons Britain is a leading, long standing, stable civilisation and country in the world; is in part due to her peoples causation, calm and reluctance to swing to extremes.

This is coming under ever greater threat in a modern world. Where in order to stand out or be unique one has to be “extra” and out do someone else to grab the news. It is this fear that you can’t be unique if you are not on the edges or fringes of what is acceptable. The idea that you must push boundaries in order to discover and present who you truly are.

The rest of the world has suffered repeatedly from the pendulum swinging too far one way, only to cause it to swing back too far the other way. WWII in an abstract and simplified sense was a reaction to the consequences of going too far the opposite way after WWI. A rebellion from an overly zealous Europe in their punishment of Germany.

America’s zeal for capitalism is a backlash to the communist and socialist ideals of WWII Japan. Both systems if implemented in their purest form cause issues and fail to address the nuances of humanity. Capitalism offering too little guidance and restriction leading to gluttony ,with socialism stifling and suppressing the individuality and freedom of the individual.

It is our calm and poise that has held Great Britain in a position of sensibility, allowing us to flourish. Enjoying the benefits of both worlds without feeling the need to jerk to the left or right of politics. We must continue to fight the urge to fly into the warm embrace of a socialist Labour and the pull of a selfish right wing UKIP.