The Dangers of the Politically Uneducated Voter

Many organisations spend enormous amounts of time and money encouraging people register and vote. This is wasted and selfish money. It doesn’t encourage or help these people to get informed about their vote. A blind vote is often worse than not voting at all.

Many parties like to champion how educated the people who vote for them are. As if this makes these people better than those that did not vote for them. Encouraging a crowd mentality that somehow justifies voting a certain way. With that attitude we would all still believe the world was flat. A persons level of education is in fact absolutely no indicator of how much they know about politics, or even how much they know about what they are voting for or on. In fact it can be the exact opposite, clouding their judgement. They believe they know better before listening to the arguments.

Yougov and other sources have found that whilst in the UK more highly educated people voted for Labour at the general election. Those who had a higher political knowledge voted Conservative. This goes to show that no matter how smart you may be, it is still more important you know what you are voting on and for.

That is why all the money spent on improving turn out would be better spend on encouraging people to get informed. Charities and organisations like Vote For Policies, I Side With,  Who Should I Vote For. By getting people to compare policies and understand where they stand on issues they can make an informed decision in the booth. This in itself will encourage turn out as people feel more confident in their opinion and the justifications behind it.

Is lack of political education democracies biggest weakness?