Sympathy has Run Out for American Gun Violence

After the most recent and tragic Florida school shooting, America will do nothing. This is the 8th incidence of gun violence in an American school this year. Frankly we at The Unpopularist have no sympathy, pity but no sympathy. It may sound blunt and cold to say so, but it is true. The U.S. have had ample chances to reform gun control and gun culture, yet they have done nothing.

The harsh and horrid fact is the U.S. made its bed and must either lie in it or remake it. For a country that champions its democracy it is clear that the NRA have bought the current administrations loyalty over the peoples.

If the people of the U.S. truly cared and prayed for the victims of this tragedy, they would be demanding change with a united voice that can not be ignored. Until then they must come to accept that repeated mass murder in their schools is a consequence of the choices they have made.