Bringing Terrorists Home

One of the most contentions topics in recent weeks has seen various arguments made for the punishment and repatriation of the IS Beatles. British nationals who  have committed terrorist acts against either the British state or a British ally.

This question is one that shakes our fundamental moral belief system. At its core it asks us if we believe that our judicial system appropriately punishes terrorists?

We are British, we must take the higher moral ground, hold ourselves to higher standards than others, not allow our base instincts to cloud our judgment for that is what it means to be British. There is no doubt that these individuals are guilty of their crimes, and that life incarceration would be the inevitable outcome if they were placed through our judicial system.

Whilst they may have been made stateless, we are the closest thing they have to a state. To leave them to other nations whom offer death sentences or punishments we do not is to condone such actions. It is the case that our inaction makes us culpable in the actions of others. As Ned Stark so brilliantly said “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword”.

So I ask is Britain prepared to sentence these terrorists to death?

We must take responsibility for these individual and our part in their growth along the path towards these actions. They must face due process and the most severe punishment for their crimes that our judicial system offers.