Brexit Assessments for Breakfast

We have seen many Brexit assessments released and leaked. The press have jumped on these like wildfire. What the press have failed to make readers and viewers aware of is that none of these assessments focus on the outcome that the British government is looking for, or the negative impacts that Brexit would have on the EU.

The fact that these assessment do not cover the desired outcome makes the numbers and figures in them almost worthless. Those numbers and figures only become valuable if the negotiations we’re to go wrong. They also highlight how those areas most pro Brexit are most likely to suffer. Something that the metropolitan liberal elite simply can’t get their heads around.

Whilst we focus on how Brexit could negatively affect us, we forget how for all the job losses and stunted growth predicted in the UK there will also be job losses in the EU and reduced growth. It is in the interest for both sides to come to a mutually beneficial agreement, both sides must offer compromises, both sides must create something new together. This is not the end of the UK’s involvement with the EU.

The EU must explain to the remaining 27 nations why it has failed to reach an agreement with the UK. Why the 27 must now prepare for reduced growth, and why they must now explain to their nationals that the EU’s failure has lead to job losses.

This is makes it almost improbable that we will not come to some form of agreement that benefits both sides. It is all about how we present this agreement to enable both side to appear to have been successful.