A Windrush of Headlines

News of the Windrush generation has been hounding headlines. People from all across the political spectrum demanding that the Windrush generation are British citizens and should not be force to leave the country. Yet there is no evidence that any one has been force to leave. When asked what the government should do people almost always say give them British citizenship.

So what have the government done…. give them formal citizenship. That is not to say we didn’t see them as citizens before, but now they will have the paper work to prove it. I am willing to bet if you asked anyone what should be done to fix this situation it is probably already being done. So instead the opposition go after the term “hostile environment for illegal immigrants”, ironically coined by Labour themselves¬†🤦‍♀️. Leaving many confused as to why Labour now like illegal immigrants.

It is also important to remember at most the Windrush generation is about 57,000 out of 70 million, which is about 0.08% of the population. Of that 57,000 it is actually unclear how many do not already have documentation, but I suspect it is very low.

Why did this mess occur? Was it Amber Rudd or Theresa May, Alan Johnson’s fault? The answer is no. The Windrush generation have always been here legally, meaning policy changes on illegal immigration don’t affect them. The problem is proper documentation! The mistake was made back in the 70’s when no documentation was given to the Windrush generation. Instead we left them with no proof they were here legally, a mistake we are being very careful not to repeat with EU citizens. Therefore the burden of this mistake should be shouldered by every government since 1971 for failing to fix this.