Constitutional Monarchies FTW

The monarch acts like a keel to steady the ship. Whilst politicians change and political parties shift, a monarch remains the same. Moving more slowly, this anchors people. Reducing the feeling of the world shifting beneath your feet. Constitutional monarchies are the best political system we have discovered. Whilst the monarch in theory has power, their ability to enact that power is almost entirely ceremonial. 

Being a monarch sounds like the dream job, you are “rich”, you have “power”, people do things for you, you travel the world in comfort. The reality is rather the opposite. You have no choice about being under the spot light, never allow to make a mistake or trip up, you must appear to excel wether you are good at something or not. You career path isn’t even a choice, you aren’t allowed to express a political opinion, you are not even allowed to spend the money you have on the things you would like. Could you imagine the outrage if Prince William bought a Ferrari. In Britain you don’t even have a choice in your faith, since the monarch is the head of the church.

Being monarch isn’t a dream job but a duty. It is their duty to act as a symbol of unity. When forces are pulling people apart in an ever changing world, their every action must be to bring people back together. Some countries do this with ideologies. In America they have the “American Dream™️” and symbol of the Eagle. But even these ideals and symbols are not as effective as an individual or a family. A person can say when their intentions or words are being misconstrued to justify troublesome stances, an ideal can not.

It is because of our constitutional monarchy that Britain has maintained such a powerful and steadying presence in the world. Politicians are morally held to account by the monarch, who is held accountable by the public. In our new era of Global Britain a Royal Yacht would facilitate in uniting the Commonwealth and sparking trade relationships with existing and new partners.

This isn’t even mentioning the fact that in Britain the monarchy contributes to this country economically. Directly and indirectly through tourism and far more. The Sovereign Grant ensures that this country makes money from the monarchy. What is returned to them is mostly spent on maintaining national landmarks like Buckingham Palace. Which we would do so with or without a monarch.