A Perfect Storm From The North

We may not all be the biggest fans of Trump, but in the interest of fairness we must give him credit where it is due. Whilst not personally responsible for the shift in North Korea’s stance and willingness to engage in disarmament and peace talks his shift in rhetoric has at least played a part.  His instability and gumption have clearly played a role in forcing North Korea to the table.

However other factors have also been rife. China and Russia joining in to vote for UN sanctions has clearly pressed North Korea to revaluate its position and influence. Opportune moments with the Winter Olympics have provided political cover for olive branches. The North reaching a point in its nuclear warhead armament where it feels capable of defending itself and requiring little or no extra research. Much of the North’s research facility collapsing. The growth of the information underground, smuggling in images and facts about the outside world. Making North Korea’s aware of how backwards their country is. A growing friendship with China may have also influenced North Korean leaders that a similar political model could be appealing.

All of these factors have put King Jong Un in a position where peace and a slightly more outward stance was inevitable, if not beneficial. His honesty in noting that if Mr Moon (South Korean president) was to visit the North it would not be comfortable due to poor transport infrastructure.

If Trump’s shift to a more direct action rhetoric and willingness to meet leaders previously seen as unpalatable to Presidents of the United States has contributed to this change it must be welcomed. If the Korean War comes to an official end could trump be worthy of a Nobel peace prize? It is serious question. You may not agree with his tactics but you can’t agree with results.

This perfect storm has put the the North at the table, we must be careful not to ruin this opportunity.