Freedom of speech vs freedom to be a dick

Everyone has the freedom to their opinion, and to express that opinion. The way in which they convey their view point is not necessarily free to the same extent. You are free to express discontent and even hatred towards someone, however you may not call for their decapitated head.

Thoughts and opinions that were previously expressed to small groups of friends are now broadcast to the world, without detail  or context. We have discarded a lot of the historical niceties and in their place people are liberated to say whatever they the want. The problem occurs when people say what they want without realising the reach and the effects of those words.

Being rude doesn’t make you wrong or right it just makes you a dick. Donald Trump recent visit is a perfect example of this. We may dislike and entirely disagree with him. This is no excuse to be rude and lower ourselves. Protest if we must, but to use vulgar language is tantamount to admitting we are worse. We are British and we should protest as such; politely whilst exuding sarcasm and irony.