Marijuana Oil

I’ve written about Marijuana before, but with recent discussion it felt time to add to the original piece. Medically I have no problem with it at all, as I have no problem with the use of opioids. It is insanity not to use what resources we have at our disposal for all medical situations. However like opioids we don’t let tom, dick and harry run round on the street with them. You can’t just get them because it is a bit painful and so should it be with marijuana. 

Circumstances where no other alternative can provide the solution should it be used. Be that meaning it is specifically imported, grown and tracked. Their dosage monitored so that a usage limit can’t be exceeded. Measures put in place to deter people from theft of it and in only being supplied in medical forms, not easily repurposed for recreational use.

Recreationally I have yet to hear a compelling argument that isn’t morally or critically flawed.