Let’s be honest about our priorities

We all need to be honest with ourselves about our priorities. We live in a world in which we blame others and forces outside our control rather than taking responsibility for our choices and their effects. Being poor when we spend it on x, y and z. Not being able to buy a house when we aren’t saving for one.

There is nothing  wrong with saying I want a Netflix subscription, but we must also acknowledge that means we have £75 less each year to put towards our next big purchase. Having something now often means we can’t have something later. As individuals that is our choice and the consequences are ours alone. It is not the system that is against us but ourselves.

Sometimes these consequences are delayed or invisible and so we don’t associate them. Grabbing that donut after lunch? We don’t see the weight gain, it is gradual, delayed and slow. Instead we tax donuts when really we should just take responsibility. If we don’t like the consequences we shouldn’t do it. Balance is important, sometimes we want that donut and should have it. Acknowledging that choice is what matters. Saying that the donut is higher up on my list of priorities is a significant step.

We weren’t late for the meeting because of traffic, but because we left late. The small white lies we tell ourselves avoid responsibility. It is all part of being an adult, knowing when we screw up and owning it.